Dan C.

Comment: I noted that you posted (somewhere – I can’t find it again) that any car can transport a trike. I would like to know how that’s done. I own a Honda Civic Si. Due to a center exhaust I can’t add a trailer hitch. Can a tike be transported partially on the roof and partially attached to a trunk rack? Thanks for your time and reply.

Reply: There’s a picture on today’s post. It can be seen on Midwest Trike Megastore’s Facebook page. I have a Toyota echo…smallest toyoya…and can put 2 trikes on top. Rest 2 wheels back on truck/1 On top and other trike facting opposite way on top…use pieces of foam to help steady wheels and straps to secure trikes, using no racks on back of car.

Comment: Thank you for such a quick response.  I have searched your Facebook site numerous times and haven’t been able to find the photograph, but your description of how you accomplish carrying trikes on your Toyota Echo should be enough to help me with my Honda Civic.  Again, thank you for your response!

Reply: It’s good to know it may have helped… I’ve carried mine dozens of times…haven’t folded my 2.5yr old trike yet…be inventive…also secure a line from the front and from the back as well as across  through car doors and drive worry free.

Comment: Thank you again, Dave.  Sounds a lot like what we used to do when we carried a canoe on the roof of an SUV.  Used foam cushions on the gunwales, straps over and through the doors, and a strap to the front and the back.  Again, your help is very much appreciated!

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