Dave in trike selfie.

DAVE MCCASLIN solo-toured several times throughout the Midwest. He retired at 55, published a book, handles the MTM webpage and is the voice behind a blog site. With experience on the ski patrol, teaching snow skiing and extensive experience in teaching martial arts, he’s ready to help with trike tours of all kinds. He started riding an Ice trike 1 year before having a hip replaced and can attest to the healing properties of trike-riding. In the 4 years he’s owned his ICE trikes, he’s ridden over 14K miles. A past record of 3 successful S-corps has him ready to help keep this trike-loving company on track.

Midwest Trike Megastore R.A.I.N. Ride

JERRY TRAVELSTEAD checks his cell phone during the 2018 R.A.I.N. Ride. His ongoing 10-year back & sciatic nerve battle underwrites his empathetic view of others’ pain. The past 3-year 6,000 miles of adventure spent on his Catrike 700, 559 and Dumont has helped him build strong lasting friendships and give assurance to his future health. We can’t understand why the ladies seem attracted to him. There must be something to that beauty on the inside thing. Touring never gets boring when Jerry’s along.

Sean Riding TrikeSEAN KENEMORE’S riding his Catrike 700 through the cornfield countryside of northern Indiana. Sean now manages and does all tech work at Midwest Trike Megastore. His collegiate soccer experience has left him with unlimited endurance. The bicycling department of a national sporting goods company that he managed posted #1 in the country in 2 different sales categories, one of which was all him. It’s surprising that he’s not developed a self-serving ego. There is nobody like Sean to have along on a camping trip.

*Midwest Trike takes all adventure trike pictures seen on this website.

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