Once, waiting in front of store, a bun in the oven, this ICE VTX is being born into the MTM family of trikes.

Midwest Trike MegastoreThis 2019 VTX to-be waited a few days in cue to be built, this VTX with Rohloff hub has already found its home. It awaits its new owner’s return from work in the Philippine Islands. Half of the trike embryos already have their homes. The racks are 1/2 bare.  Dave will tell you that this is the best trike setup in the world and will gladly eat up 15 minutes of your time on his soapbox explaining why. We’ve found great trike mechanics to join the team to help satisfy what we’ve promised customers.


Midwest Trike MegastoreMidwest Trike Megastore20190428_22430120190428_224311-1

Over the past month the racks have repeatedly emptied. The shop area became a mess trying to stay caught up. All new accessory cabinetry and wall plank has arrived and been installed for additional new lines of accessories. Many new tools have been purchased to fit the ever changing breaking edge tadpole design. Come in and get a closeup look through the hall window into the delivery room, at the newborn MTM trikes.

Like when a planet is pulled apart by the tidal forces exerted by the inescapable gravity of a solar system black hole, over the past 5 days, the accumulated mass of unneeded parts, papers, rags, misplaced tools and even Jimmy Johns wrappers laying around in various spots have suddenly disappeared.

We feel that if our customers can see the detail we give to optimizing and maintaining our means of providing and servicing customers means to discovering adventure … the MTM family of tadpoles, they can expect exactly the same level of attention and expertise in ordering and servicing, when necessary, which ever trike they find best suits their inner child. We will provide free servicing for normal use for the 1st year.



Buffett’s carbon 2.0               buchette carbon 2.0


We’ve increasing the number of brands we carry. Above is pictured Performer’s new titanium tadpole. One is scheduled in the shop in a week or two. Check it out…pick it up…with one hand. This one’s already sold. It’s the first titanium trike Performer has sold anywhere in their worldwide distributorship. None of us have ridden it yet.

Buchette’s new Carbon 2.0 tadpole is also one you can probably pickup with one hand. We had a chance to fall in love with it after test riding it at last fall’s Nashville TN Recumbent Con. We got their promise then to let us be their area distributor. They should be out soon … we hope.

We’ve had opportunity to provide and service various special needs of those who require adaptive cycling attention. There’s nothing better than seeing the smile on someone’s face who’s challenged physically in any way. Dave and Jerry can both empathize in this area.

Customers have been asking about HP Velotechnik trikes. We plan to have Gekko and possibly Scorpion demos on site for test riding. We now have entry level Sun Seeker tadpoles available for test riding.

Don’t forget to join Jerry on a weekend spring beginners Monon trail ride. Watch our facebook page for upcoming events.

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