At the 2018 Labor Day MTM trike rally in Montezuma Indiana, MTM co-owner, store manager and good friend, Sean was bitten by an mysterious spider from an unknown place. No one knows what sort of venom cocktail was introduced into his bloodstream. Some say that it was an infection coming from Sean scratching the bite. I remained suspicious … until seeing what was captured in picture … very convincing.

Midwest Trike Megastore


Midwest Trike Megastore





Marvel Publications has for years been telling a similar story of another American lad who was spider-bitten. The unknown venom cocktail had a very unpredictable superhero effect on him … a very positive effect. Ask anybody. Everybody knows about Spiderman.

Midwest Trike Megastore

Uncle Ben: Remember, with great power. comes great responsibility. Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: “With great power, comes great responsibility.” This is my gift, my curse.


Ask Sean’s fellow MTM co-owners, any customer, any MTM purveyors or business contacts, ask his mom or maybe ask his brother Scott … ask anybody. They’ll tell you that Sean exudes similar behavior to Marvel’s superhero… watching out for the good of others … a cocktail of empathy offered to the beat of selfless altruism. It’s compassion that touches even the most shallow of people.  Come to think about it, I’ve never seen Sean mad about anything or at anybody. If only to know what was in that spider’s venom.


Midwest Trike MegastoreMIdwest Trike Megastore

– his “spider” jacket
– all of what I thought was silly string that covered the shop last fall
– his ability to be on the store roof when there was no ladder to be found
– the satisfaction customers find when picking up their trikes
– customer trike grins when returning from test rides on trikes Sean suggested might best fit where their look for adventure meets with their physical capabilities
– Sean’s ability to scoff at J-Dawg’s occasional hyped up tone and process my sometimes abrasive attitude into positive energy
– his ongoing preoccupation with keeping the store spider-free
– the fact that there are no other insects ever seen in the store
– this summer, we’ll see if he has an appetite for flies
– catching him walking protectively “spider-like” over the MTM sign woke me up


Of the responsibilities Sean has at MTM, keeping the new trikes that have left the shop in good working order is of paramount importance. With a full year of free service for normal adjustments and trike maintenance, new tadpole owners can feel sure their new trikes will be in good riding condition for them to venture out seeking the adventure their inner child is crying out to realize … MTM’s heartfelt purpose.

All 3 co-owners love the feeling of free adventure they experience every time they ride their trikes. We want to share that with whoever we can. It’s what we do!

Keep riding your trikes. There’s no bad weather … only bad clothes!

Come in and share your adventure stories with us. See what we’re up to. Let Sean sprinkle you with some spider dust. Maybe it’s just Sean dust? Maybe the spider knew to bite only humans who were already good? Superhero superpowers or not? Depends on your values. But… common … look at the pictures!  You be the judge!     … Dave

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