Two co-owners, Sean and Dave, attended the 2018 Recumbent Cycle-Con & Cycle Tour & Travel Show last this weekend, Oct 12 & 13, in Nashville, TN. It was wonderful how it presented the latest advances in the recumbent cycle industry and had seminars covering the latest topics in the sport’s changing character.

Midwest Trike Megastore

We plan to continue providing the most complete experience in the Midwest for test riding and configuring the custom built trikes provided by ICE Trikes from Falmouth England. Click here to visit their website and check out all the Innovative Cycle Engineering they’ve originated to help shape the future of the recumbent tadpole trike world. We 4 ICE Trike configurations on the floor that have the different configuration options for an interested triker-to-be to test ride and get the feel of for configuring their dream trike that can also each be bought on the spot.

Midwest Trike Megastore

Catrike of Orlando, FL are 100% built in the USA, frame and all and with all due respect, they are built like tanks … only not quite that heavy. Click here to visit their website and check out their upcoming new 2019 trike design, the Eola. We have on the floor all their trikes for test riding and take home.

We’re considering a couple new trike brands to add to our present trifecta.


As stated on our website landing page, “OUR AIM IS TO IMPROVE PEOPLE’S LIVES.” Co-owner Jerry was drawn into buying his first of 3 Catrikes partly because of sciatica and back pain concerns. Dave’s 3 year trike history with ICE Trikes began 9 months before having his hip replaced in effort to recondition (pain free on the trike) his atrophied muscles and make operation recovery much much quicker. Sean, at his young age, had no real physical problems when he began triking. Like Jerry and Dave, he just loves the upright blues-free adventure a well-fitting trike makes possible.

“Adaptive Cycling” is a new phrase to us although the reason for its function has served as a cornerstone of triking’s popularity and like with Jerry and Dave, a contributing reason for its continued presence since day one. A few of the seminars looked farther into how to identify its need and make available its advantages to those who might benefit.

After suffering a massive stroke 12 months ago, a neurologist in AZ told presenter Dan Zimmerman, “wheelchair for life and no talking.” He has since proved the doctor wrong, and gave a wonderful seminar on the riding options and opportunities available to stoke survivors and others. Dave shot the above covert snip of the end of Dan’s presentation.

Dan founded the organization Spokes Adaptive Cycling and their website is spokesfightingstrokes.org. Check out the unbelievable progress they’ve made and consider joining in one of the 2019 events. Dave plans of doing one or both of their rides.

Should anyone have any ideas or connections with any local agency dealing with any form of stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Muscular Sclerosis, Cerebal Palsy, obesity, age or any other condition that challenges the human condition, please share it with us. Join in and share the joy that follows in the wake of altruistic compassion.


Aside from adaptive cycling, there are many other situations where e-assist (electric assist) power is useful for trikers. We’re proud to offer the Shimano system on new ICE Trike configurations and now have options for those wanting e-assist on Catrike models.


Midwest Trike Megastore

For those who maybe have a sun sensitivity or just prefer the shade, we found a Nashville area functional artist. Ed Miller of Big Leaf Cycling Canopy, who was raised in Indianapolis Beech Grove, retired and is way over-qualified to craft the pieces of shading artwork that will fit most trikes. The canopies are ultra light and very well built. Ed has no website. We can hook you up with him to negotiate what will work for you.


We’ve been thinking about the best ways to get involved in local area group and solo trike touring. Watch how the Facebook group Impromptu Trike Riders of Central Ohio can get together to enjoy group rides almost at the drop of a hat. Watch for developments locally.


 Midwest Trike Megastore is finalizing our customer financing program to soon have it available for those who would rather finance their trike purchase.



4 thoughts on “2019 MIDWEST TRIKING OUTLOOK

  1. Although my (exhibitor) head is still ‘spinning’ from the RC-C show, the creative juices are ‘on tap’! Looking very forward to a meaningful business relationship; thanks for checking-in. Ed

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ed… you had people tugging on you from all directions for 3 days… it is time to relax… it’ll be interesting to see what happens up here in these approaching colder months before a busy spring… Take Care… Dave


  3. My Fat Tad survivor buddy and I visited your store last week. You have a great selection of nice cats and some assist. We bought our SunSeekers just before you opened! I put 2,000mi on mine in 6 months. We would like to join your Indy rides and help spread the word and smiles of getting bent in the wind. I just added a second Dolphin (48v battery) to assist for longer rides. We rode in the Hope, Melon, & YMI rides. We have also taken the Monon, B&O, Zionsville Nature Trail, & Fall Creek Trailway. Have trike, will travel

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    1. Hey Carlos… Great to hear from you ads that you’re enjoying your trikes and are into spreading the word. Love to ride with you on some MTM Adventurides. We’ll have to talk more. Am 3 mi into ride up thru eaglecreek pk upto zionsville…heading for 1st visit to Rosies…dont think I’ll make it before closing…doesn’t matter…go somewhere else… then w to whitestown then ride the evening tailwind home…i think you’d really love it! Keep ridin’…talk later, Dave

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