…on the Thursday before the Saturday R.A.I.N Ride, I’d almost written the ride off. There was a full day of mother nature’s rain forecasted for this year’s 158 mile Ride Across INdiana. I also felt the transportation logistics for getting us and our cycles to Terre Haute and then back from Richmond would be quite a hassle. Besides, I wasn’t sure how my 2-year old bionic hip would appreciate that many peddle strokes. Jerry was also having second thoughts about his physical readiness for this sort of undertaking. Sean and our business partner, Jim, had both completed the 2017 R.A.I.N. Ride. Sean will just do anything.


Midwest Trike Megastore Trikes

Sean located the taxi-bus service, Bus Dog, solving our transportation logistics dilemma. After Sean’s luring of both reluctant me and Jerry, we suddenly had an MTM 2018 R.A.I.N. Ride trio. A day later, our trikes were ready for transport to Terre Haute. I was mentally more about getting psyched up for the ride through Mother Nature‘s wind-spun gauntlet of chilling 70 degree cold rain pellets than worrying about the 158 miles she had to inflict its torment.


Midwest Trike at 2018 R.A.I.N. Ride

… consisted of a hurried Golden Coral feast, one friend snoring, one sleeping in the car in the motel parking lot and a crammed-down style motel-spun free breakfast. At nearly 7am, we found ourselves barely on time to the ride, located in the back group of the 1100+ entrant 2018 R.A.I.N. Ride 7am starting line. Five minutes later, we were making our way through the beautiful early morning sunrise in West Terre Haute. The pace was brisk but relaxed. It was an unforgettable moment. The rain began at 9am instead of the forecasted 10am … another unforgettable moment … yet, nobody seemed to mind.



… and wet. Yet it really went fast. Jim stayed back at the shop to keep it open and was kind enough to lend me his ICE VTX trike. That damn trike/magic carpet flew! It allowed me to ride up with Sean. Both Sean and Jerry were riding their own racy Catrike 700s. The upright bike riders might have set pace a bit faster going up the long hills, but on the downhills and flats, the tables turned. (I say this remembering we started amongst the riders in the last group.) Counting our 3 trikes, I counted a total of 4 in the ride. The three of us met up at each of the 4 stops. We stayed wet all day.

Midwest Trike Megastore R.A.I.N. Ride

I warded off the organ area body chill with a wetsuit-like 10 gallon trash bag that I poked my head and arms through that I’d snatched up on the way out my home door. I would have won the award for most weird looking as the white trash bag matched my white SPF50+ arm and leg coolers. Worked great. This rainy weather also meant there was no hot sun … a very welcome trade off.

Midwest Trike Megastore R.A.I.N. RideMidwest Trike Megastore R.A.I.N. RideMidwest Trike Megastore R.A.I.N. RideMidwest Trike Megastore R.A.I.N. RideMidwest Trike Megastore R.A.I.N. Ride


Midwest Trike Megastore R.A.I.N. Ride

…with a moderate tailwind and was just a bit lesser wet. Sean and I were  comfortably cruising down America’s Main Street … our 4 lane National Highway … US40, 2-abreast, chatting, when suddenly our front wheels drifted into each other, chariot style, and Jim’s VTX suffered several bent and 2 broken spokes. His sleek low profile racing style trike acquired a 45 mile-to-the-finish line limp. Sean’s 700 showed no real reminders. At stop 4 in Dunreith, at the beginning of 4 miles of new chip/seal, the 3 of us enjoyed popsicles and orange drink before heading the last 25 miles east to Richmond’s Earlham College finish line.


…was a welcome delight filled with a deep-felt individual satisfaction that would continue to surface at various times well into the future. A slice of pizza and several big slices of seedless watermelon had never tasted better. After riding 160 miles (missed a turn in Plainfield) there was no trikerider butt-shoulder-wrist-finger pain as was seen to bother many of the upright finishers. The recumbent trike is a life-saver. It’s truly a life-extender. The whole thing took us around 13.5 hours.

Midwest Trike Megastore at R.A.I.N. Ride

This is Jerry crossing the finish line. The variety of individuals that finished the race was very surprising. I was perplexed that some of them even had it in them. (I say humbly before looking into the mirror.) Each rider personally grows on several levels. There’s growth that’s realized at future times when trying to conjure up the fortitude to step out of what’s thought to be normal, secure and proven by the masses. They’ll harbor a better self-definition awareness. They’ll sense a deeper understanding of nature’s principles that actually form the infrastructure of their enriched wisdom that stitches together and supports their self confidence.  A “century” ride’s previous dreaded challenge morphs into a much less intimidating degree of adventure.

The 2018 R.A.I.N. Ride crew did an excellent job of putting on the event. There was plenty of rider-appropriate refreshments at each stop and any sort of need for help a rider might dream up was readily available.  (Jerry ate at least 12 bananas!) There was a great lunch and the volunteers were all wonderful … like Alice with the blue hair smiling in the above picture with Sean.

Go to busdog.com for transit services between Richmond and Terre Haute. They transport 2 and 3 wheeled cycles, their owners and make possible having an item bag that the cycle owner can have waiting at the lunch stop and/or finish line. They’re professional and responsible. This service helps make riding in the R.A.I.N. Ride practical for many. We met the family owners and look forward to seeing them again.

Hope to see some of our friends at the 2019 Ride Across INdiana!

…in the loving and living memory of Max … our friend, father and fellow rider

9 thoughts on “2018 R.A.I.N. ADVENTURIDE

  1. Jerry Travelstead July 27, 2018 — 12:26 pm

    Where are you getting 158? 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


  2. Thanks for the kind words about Max. Your recounting of our ride makes me want go do it again. Like right now! The brief recommendation of BusDog feels just right, too.


    On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 11:54 AM MIDWEST TRIKE MEGASTORE wrote:

    > David McCaslin posted: “UNTIL SEAN TEXTED ME… …on the Thursday before > the Saturday R.A.I.N Ride, I’d almost written the ride off. There was a > full day of mother nature’s rain forecasted for this year’s 158 mile Ride > Across INdiana. I also felt the transportation logistics fo” >


  3. Ride officials at a rest stop had an accurate update that abreviated prior distance.


    1. Jerry Travelstead July 27, 2018 — 2:43 pm

      My shirt said 160, I’m claiming 160. 😉😃


      1. I put 160 in blog … due to missing Plainfield turn, so your shirt is very accurate…


  4. Would love to know your thoughts on the VTX after such a long ride. I’m thinking of one for touring.


  5. Positive..as detailed in blog…I plan on touring on one I’m configuring… get rohloff hub for mental freedom while strengthening 700c wheel dynamics…shorter spokes set without any dishing…worth the money…


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