Midwest Trike Megastore

Midwest Trike Megastore Midwest Trike Megastore Midwest Trike Megastore Midwest Trike Megastore

Three of us from Midwest Trike Megastore undertook the initial map route-planning ride for the 2018 Labor Day Trike Rendezvous . We saw surface ranging from too-deep gravel to smooth as silk country roadway. We the day immersed in rolling countryside NW of Montezuma where a few of the mapped routes will by located.

Each small town we stopped in had wonderfully unique dining sites and are home to historic national treasures. My mind strolled back through high school history books.

Midwest Trike MegastoreMidwest Trike MegastoreMidwest Trike MegastoreIn the small town of Dana, we stumbled into the Off The Tracks Cafe…EXCELLENT FOOD AND SERVICE… I was able to withstand their warm cherry pie and ice cream. Jim feel to the lure. Dana is the home of the Ernie Pyle WWII Museum. A national treasure! The state highway that passes through Montezuma, SR36, has been named the Ernie Pyle Memorial Highway.

MIdwest Trike Megastore

Midwest Trike MegastoreIn Chrisman IL, the Hidden Garden Antiques & Tea Room was amazing. The interior artifacts, full menu and tea room atmosphere made me buckle at the knees for the homemade stovetop-stirred coconut cream pie and ice cream. The above picture could only capture less than half of the interior area and almost none of the ambient atmosphere. The owner enriched our entire stay with educational area life history.

Midwest Trike MegastoreAnd, let nobody tell you they can’t transport their trike. Sean’s Catrike 700 and Jim’s ICE VTX fit like a glove atop Sean’s Mazda. We are planning on route mapping expeditions every May Wednesday. The maps will be self-guidable and very well described.


  1. Guys I’ve tried the HPS site and it’s not pulling up the Montezuma recumbent maps????


    1. Stan,  Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The maps are there in I’ll get with Jim and hopefully have this straightened out by Thursday afternoon. The routes are really golden.  Thanks again,  Dave

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      1. Stan… The link worked for the ride with gps reference when posted. There have been changes to internet security …or something… since.. It looks like now it necessary to go to their webpage and sign up. Then go to search and enter Montezuma recumbent… It’s a great site for finding other routes and recording your own….. Dave


  2. Thanks Stan! Hope you and friend make it. Look forward to meeting you. All of the routes have their individual highlights. See you there! 

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  3. Hey!
    You boys and toys of the Midwest corn belt huskers.
    Great to see such a trike cropping up in the corn feilds.
    As you know in the feilds of dreams if you can think it then it will come.
    Trike the golden corn and live your dreams in the fields of gold. Heres to you Hot butter “Corn Trikers”
    Congratulations! !!
    Sonia Fogg New Hampshire
    Mayple syrup country roads.
    From “Sweet Mayple”


  4. Thanks Sonia! Even though you were riding an upright in FL… I must say I enjoyed the few days we rode together… your very beneficial hip advice helped me along the path to resizing what a bundle of life-preserving benefits are to be found in the world of trike riding… Dave

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